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www.isfh.de/institut_solarforschung/fehlererkennung.php?mod=ctext_show&ctext_id=152&cl=lang www.solarserver.de/solarmagazin/anlagenovember2003.html www.solid.de/uploads/media/034_036.pdf www.isfh.de/institut_solarforschung/files/estec2007.pdf solar-publikationen.umwelt-uni-kassel.de/uploads/2008%20Gleisdorf%20de%20Keizer%20et%20al%20Monitoring%20and%20failure%20detection%20for%20large%20scale%20solar%20thermal%20systems%20a%20simulation%20based%20approach.pdf


Web-IOC web-based yield control of thermal solar heating systems

Operational areas

The Web IOC serves the durable monitoring of thermal solar heating systems. Since the system does not have to fall back to a data pool of several days in order to obtain results and already…

The procedure

The functional monitoring and yield control of thermal solar heating systems are based on the patented Input-Output-Controller-Technology of the institute for solar energy research Hameln/Emmerthal (ISFH). It is characterised by continuous monitoring, minimum auxiliary costs…


The quality and the reliable function of thermal solar heating systems are the most important criteria for lining up investment decisions. It is indeed well known that redundant and trouble-free operation of solar heating systems…

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